Copilot for Insights on Tungsten Marketplace

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Project Overview

In a strategic partnership, Blue Orange Digital developed Copilot for Insights, an innovative AI-powered interface integrated into the Tungsten Marketplace. This solution is part of the TotalAgility 8 suite, designed to enhance the capabilities of knowledge workers by providing instant access to crucial data insights during live processes.


Knowledge workers engaged in TotalAgility workflows often struggle with the cumbersome task of navigating vast amounts of unstructured content, which can delay decision-making and reduce overall productivity.


Copilot for Insights revolutionizes the TotalAgility experience by incorporating a conversational AI interface that enables users to interact directly with business document data. This integration allows for real-time querying and data analysis, making it easier for users to obtain relevant insights without navigating away from their workflow.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Processing: Includes features like Intelligent Chunking, Context Sifting, and LLM Switching to enhance data handling and relevance.
  • Robust Security: Ensures data security with encrypted data in transit and at rest, complying with major regulations including EU, US, and GDPR. 
  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Utilizes technologies such as Deep Grounding, Input Conditioning, and Anti-Hallucination to ensure accuracy and reliability of data insights. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Supports multi-user interactions, sleep/wakeup conversation dynamics, and customizable prompt transformations for a tailored user experience. 
  • Optimized Performance: Features Vector DB Optimization and Micro-Services Data-Driven Parameter Optimization to enhance system efficiency and responsiveness.


The integration of Copilot for Insights into the TotalAgility framework offers significant advantages:

  • Productivity Uplift: Streamlines workflows by reducing the time spent searching for information, thereby boosting productivity. Enhanced User Engagement: Improves the user experience on the TotalAgility platform, encouraging deeper and more frequent use. 
  • Monetization Opportunities: Opens up new revenue streams by offering Copilot for Insights as an add-on feature, increasing user license consumption. 


The launch of Copilot for Insights has led to Enhanced decision-making capabilities for knowledge workers, enabling faster and more informed decisions. Increased efficiency in handling legal, financial, and insurance-related workflows by providing quick and accurate analysis of complex documents. Improved user satisfaction and engagement, positioning TotalAgility as a more competitive platform in the marketplace. Relevant Use Cases: The versatility of Copilot for Insights makes it suitable for various professional scenarios, including legal contract analysis, loan application reviews, financial statement analysis, and insurance policy comparisons.


Copilot for Insights represents a significant leap forward in harnessing generative AI for business applications, enhancing the TotalAgility suite and providing Tungsten Marketplace users with a powerful tool to drive efficiency and decision-making.