Modern Data Migration for Bridge Investment Group

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Client Overview

Bridge Investment Group is a prominent private real estate investment fund operating across various sectors in the US, including multifamily housing, seniors housing, and debt strategies. Known for its specialized investment teams and deep local market knowledge, Bridge Investment Group has established itself as a leader in property management, thanks to its expert understanding of capital markets and a human-centric approach to asset management.


Bridge Investment Group faced significant challenges with its existing data management systems, which were disparate and no longer met the firm’s growing needs. The core issue was integrating data across different business lines, which was crucial for enhancing asset management strategies. The existing systems were hindering performance and growth, prompting the need for a sophisticated technical data strategy and roadmap to unify data workflows and improve operational efficiency.

Areas of Focus

  • Enhanced Scalability: The goal was to redesign the data architecture to support seamless scaling, ensuring that growth did not compromise performance or cost-effectiveness.
  • Technology Selection: Key considerations included selecting tools that offered the best speed-to-value, scalability, and fit within the budget constraints.
  • Elevated Security and Adaptability: Implementing robust security measures and adaptable frameworks was crucial to meet dynamic business and compliance needs.
  • Advanced Operational Function: The strategy aimed to empower the team with advanced analytics and visualization tools to enhance decision-making and improve business outcomes.
  • Cost Estimate and Planning: Providing leadership with a clear plan that outlined milestones, costs, and planning to support informed decision-making.


Blue Orange initiated a comprehensive data strategy engagement for Bridge Investment Group by conducting in-depth interviews with dozens of business and technical stakeholders. This process helped gain a deep understanding of the existing data architecture. Based on these insights, Blue Orange designed a centralized enterprise data platform, leveraging the robust capabilities of Databricks and Azure.

This modern platform was architected on Azure’s scalable data lake infrastructure, enhanced by Databricks for advanced data processing and analytics. This integration was strategically chosen to serve disparate business units effectively, ensuring seamless operation across diverse operational needs. The use of Databricks within the Azure environment allowed for efficient data handling, enabling the aggregation, analysis, and management of vast datasets from various sources within the organization.

The new system was meticulously designed to address the client’s main pain points, particularly the need for capitalizing on all available data while ensuring stringent data organization, governance, and visibility. By designing a migration with Databricks and Azure, the platform empowered Bridge Investment Group with enhanced data capabilities, facilitating more effective data-driven decision-making across the company.


The engagement with Blue Orange dramatically clarified the business value of the updated data strategy and architecture. By detailing the business cases, modeling cost savings, and constructing a detailed implementation plan, Blue Orange provided Bridge Investment Group with a clear and actionable roadmap for their data transformation journey. This roadmap not only outlined the steps required for implementation but also helped prioritize future development initiatives, setting the stage for successful data management enhancement.


As a result of this project, Bridge Investment Group implemented a robust framework to enhance their data management capabilities, enabling them to effectively integrate data from various business lines and leverage this information to improve asset management strategies. This transformation is expected to increase operational efficiencies, boost margins of success, and facilitate sustained growth and adaptability in a competitive market.