January 21, 2022
Data Warehousing to enable BI Reporting for Non-Bank Mortgage Servicer

Data Warehousing to enable BI Reporting for Non-Bank Mortgage Servicer

Introduction The client is a large non-bank mortgage servicer based in the US. The company has a sophisticated data architecture involving transactional message data and they required support normalizing this data to enable BI reporting. Blue Orange was brought in to define the data model and architecture and begin the initial implementation of the data warehouse. Using our Sprint 0 approach (a 2-3 week fixed […]
October 29, 2020
Grandeur Peak - Case study

Grandeur Peak Global Investor’s Data Lake

Client Grandeur Peak Global Advisors provides portfolio management for investment companies, portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles, and portfolio management for businesses and institutional clients. They provide their clients with research-backed solutions, that allow them to accurately monitor valuations and maximize their investment results. Having identified the value of data-powered decision making, they were in the beginning process of setting up an Azure Data Lake […]
October 22, 2020
Vetta - Case study

Business Intelligence Solution to Maximize an eCommerce Platform

Client Vetta Brands manages a portfolio of companies that innovate NCAA merchandise and provide partnership solutions in the imprinted apparel market. Being a leader in the US market, they possess NCAA licenses with more than 700 colleges and universities. Their strong business infrastructure allows them to manage major retail and whole distribution channels. Challenge Having done a series of acquisitions, the company faced an unavoidable […]