Leveraging Databricks for Advanced Data Solutions in the Travel Industry

In the dynamic and competitive travel industry, efficient data management and advanced analytics are crucial for businesses to stay ahead. Understanding the power of cutting-edge technology to transform data into actionable insights is key to maintaining a competitive edge.

easyJet Innovates with Databricks and Generative AI in Aviation

easyJet, a leading European airline, operates over 300 aircraft across nearly 1000 routes, serving more than 150 airports in 36 countries. In 2022, easyJet carried over 69 million passengers, demonstrating its significant footprint in the aviation industry.

Building Modern Analytics Pipelines for Booking.com

Booking.com, a leader in the online travel industry, sought to enhance its data infrastructure to improve the management of its extensive data systems. The company partnered with Blue Orange Digital to develop a robust data pipeline, aiming to boost its data processing capabilities significantly.