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Connected Devices

Allow the data that your devices produce and receive to bring value to all parts of your business. Utilize device data to improve operations, optimize customer service, and provide better products and services.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Utilizing sensor-driven technology companies can optimize throughout every part of their supply chains. Asset management, vehicle telematics, and last mile-fulfillment are all made possible through IoT connectivity. Combined with improvements in cloud computing and integration, real-time visibility will give your team the perspective required to bring new insights that return big.

Energy & Utilities

Combining sensor technology and advancements in IoT technology Energy and Utility companies can improve the safety and efficiency of the energy they generate and distribute. Use machine learning to manage and monitor infrastructure, optimize grid flow, and perform preventative maintenance.


Customer Experience Optimization

Provide the best customer experience through personalized marketing tactics such as recommendation engines and timed re-engagement to improve customer CLV.

Operational Efficiency

Blue Orange provides services on a pay for what you use basis. Avoid costly IT projects and put money back into your business. Automate processes, reduce downtimes, and provide the best products and services possible.

Product Performance Optimization

Increase product quality and customer satisfaction by using IoT connectivity to monitor product status and performance. Automate maintenance alerts and requests to reduce costs and increase longevity.

New Opportunity Discovery

Maximize the effectiveness of your data to bring in revenue from channels once hidden due to unstructured data.
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