Blue Orange Digital Named as One of the Most Reviewed Cloud Consulting Companies in Baltimore

Analytics & VisualizationData & AI Strategy

Thank you to our partners and our team for helping us reach this milestone!

In light of our efforts to enable our clients through data analytics solutions, we’re proud to be acknowledged for our work. This year, we’re listed as one of the most reviewed cloud consulting companies in Baltimore on The Manifest!

As a data science and machine learning consulting firm, we always aim to deliver results-oriented solutions that empower businesses in the modern digital world. We were founded on the belief that data has revolutionized how businesses make decisions. To remain competitive, leveraging data is a requisite but not always simple.

We specialize in helping businesses to implement data-driven analytic techniques.  Our team members are passionate Data Engineers, Data Scientists, PhDs, and Visualization experts who put client goals first to provide industry-leading solutions. We always remain focused on implementing cutting-edge technologies to create transformational data solutions for our clients, while prioritizing the development of a caring and dedicated team to make client goals a reality.

For inquiries about our work, don’t hesitate to contact us!  If you are interested in reading more about our client success stories, head over to our Case Studies page and for the latest news in the data science industry be sure to check out our Blog.