Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling

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Machine learning has dramatically lowered the cost of making accurate predictions. From determining customer churn and lifetime value to hiring employees that will be your top performers, machine learning algorithms equipped with large datasets can infer statistically relevant indicators that correlate to desired outcomes.


  • Improved Correlations
    Since the first spreadsheet, people have attempted to model data to predict outcomes. Today computers are excellent at finding patterns in large data sets. We test and apply the best models to get actionable insights.
  • Big Data Insights
    With inexpensive cloud computing resources and massive data availability, Machine Learning can be used to constantly review, modify and test a hypothesis to improve predictive quality.
  • Cheaper Prediction
    Prediction is at the core of business decision making. Prediction tools, like Machine Learning, can increase productivity, decrease risk, and optimize operations. Uncertainty constrains strategy.
  • Customer Insight
    Applying machine learning models to comprehensive consumer data lets us answer questions about customer behavior and respond in real time.
  • Automated Performance
    Algorithms can handle many decisions more efficiently and effectively than people. Our integrated predictive systems allow people to excel at what they do best and leave the rest for machines.

Business Solutions

Using a pharmaceutical marketing company’s customer spending habit data, we applied predictive machine learning models to identify the best times, channels, and offers to attract customers to re-engage with the brand. This cross-channel outreach increased revisiting customer conversion by 6% and reduced overall marketing spend.