Our approach, refined through engagements across many clients, transcends mere technological prowess. It encompasses a holistic approach of infrastructure knowledge, experienced personnel, and streamlined processes. We are eager to share our wealth of knowledge, experience, and hands-on methodology to ensure that your strategy is built for efficacy from the very beginning.

Blue Orange can help.

We have experts who are ready to dive in to match your Data and AI Strategy to your short, and long-term business and technology goals. Our proven process will take a holistic view of your data ecosystem, ask the hard questions to uncover what’s holding your organization from achieving its goals, and craft a tailored strategy that combines clearly defining objectives, current state assessment, data governance, data architecture, and infrastructure, and selecting the tools and processes to make it all a reality.

Data & AI strategy services.

Overview of the Blue Orange Approach.

Achieving success in AI, data, and analytics requires more than just technical expertise; it demands a clear, unified strategy that your entire organization supports. At Blue Orange, we understand this challenge. Our team of experts will not only guide you but also work alongside your team, fostering a deep understanding and crafting a tailor-made strategy to ensure your business thrives. With Blue Orange as your partner, you can expect a transformative journey, culminating in a comprehensive strategic plan, all within a 4-8 week period.

  • Discovery

  • Kick off

  • Tool Selection

  • Team Interviews

  • Collaborative Roadmapping

asked questions

Typically 3-4 weeks.

About 5 hours a week from core team members, 2-3 hours total for any team members you that need to be interviewed by our team.

A written data strategy report, 1 collaborative brainstorming session, and a final presentation to your team.