Revolutionizing Data Management for an OKR Software Startup

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Customer Challenge

A pioneering OKR software company, aiming to enhance employee engagement and project success, faced the challenge of expanding their platform to cater to large enterprise customers. Their goal was to not only re-architect their data platform but also to incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of continuous performance management. The key challenges included improving backend performance, integrating machine learning, and addressing potential risks in their proposed AWS-centric data architecture.

Blue Orange Solution

Blue Orange’s Consulting Team, recognizing the intricacies of the client’s needs, suggested a strategic shift from a traditional building approach to a more efficient ‘buy, not build’ strategy using SaaS products. This solution focused on rapid market entry, quality of components, and reduced maintenance overhead. The recommended toolkit comprised Fivetran for seamless data migration, Snowflake for robust and scalable database infrastructure, Looker for intuitive data visualization, and Azure for a streamlined machine learning platform.

Full Story

The client, a trailblazer in SaaS OKR software, was at a pivotal point in their growth. They planned to break into the large enterprise segment, which demanded a sophisticated, scalable, and feature-rich data platform. Initially inclined towards an AWS-centric architecture, the client envisioned a platform that would support advanced data analytics and machine learning to provide NLP-based recommendations and other insights with minimal support post-deployment.

However, this ambitious plan was fraught with challenges. The proposed architecture, while robust, risked extended build times, potential serviceability issues, and lacked a solid data governance framework. These factors could severely impact the aggressive development timelines and the zero-maintenance goal.

Blue Orange stepped in with a strategic consulting engagement. The team identified the bottlenecks and suggested a paradigm shift. By adopting a ‘buy, not build’ approach, the client could leverage the agility and efficiency of SaaS products. This strategy was designed to balance the trade-offs between cost and time-to-market effectively.

The recommended tools included:

  • Fivetran: For its one-click data migration and integration capabilities, crucial for consolidating disparate data sources.
  • Snowflake: Chosen for its scalability and zero-maintenance architecture, offering robust data storage and processing power.
  • Looker: To enable comprehensive data visualization, allowing users to create and interact with custom reports and dashboards.
  • Azure: For its user-friendly machine learning platform, simplifying the process of model development and deployment.


The adoption of Blue Orange’s strategy marked a turning point for the client. Not only did it significantly reduce the time to market, but it also streamlined the data management process, enhancing the platform’s capabilities in analytics and machine learning. This strategic move enabled the client to rapidly validate and deploy new features, giving them a substantial edge over competitors. As a result, the client is now well-positioned for future growth, with a scalable, efficient platform that can adapt to the evolving demands of the enterprise market.