Copilot for Insights on Tungsten Marketplace

In a strategic partnership, Blue Orange Digital developed Copilot for Insights, an innovative AI-powered interface integrated into the Tungsten Marketplace. This solution is part of the TotalAgility 8 suite, designed to enhance the capabilities of knowledge workers by providing instant access to crucial data insights during live processes.

Improved Patient Intake for Elara Caring

Elara Caring, a prominent national provider of home-based care, operates through a complex care-provider referral network. They are tasked with managing multiple inbound data systems and previously relied on a cumbersome, manual bidding system for patient intake.

Enhancing Risk Analytics Dashboards for Fortune 500 Insurance Company

The Hartford, a titan in the U.S. insurance sector, ranks as the 13th-largest property and casualty insurance company. With over 25 years of partnership, they are a trusted auto and home insurance provider for AARP members, embodying a legacy of reliability and customer trust.

Transforming Government Document Management Through Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Redica Systems, a leader in regulatory intelligence and document processing, faced the challenge of unifying highly varied data to enable end-users to track and identify compliance issues. The company needed a cutting-edge data environment capable of handling large-scale, varied document ingestion, parsing, reconciliation, and classification, moving away from traditional manual methods to a more automated and scalable system.