IoT Aiding Supply Chain Improvements

Can You Save Millions In Supply Chain Costs With The Internet of Things? Getting everything you can out of your technology and processes has never been more critical. In supply chain management and logistics, there is a new way to streamline your operations. It’s easy because you don’t need to purchase any new hardware. You… Continue reading IoT Aiding Supply Chain Improvements

Optimization Modeling Intro

Introduction The hardest engineering, scientific and statistical problems of our times are being tackled by means of mathematical optimization. Operating at the core of most statistical techniques and machine learning methods, optimization is what allows algorithms to transform large numbers of random variables into understandable and actionable observations. However, the optimization concept is by no… Continue reading Optimization Modeling Intro

Guesstimated Time of Arrival

How IoT is delivering more accuracy in Supply Chains Traditionally, it has only been possible to look backward at the information collected from something in transit and guess the reason for delayed shipments, asserting blame to convenient scapegoats like “traffic,” when really the truck driver took a nap at a nearby gas station. Now modern… Continue reading Guesstimated Time of Arrival

Blue Orange named a Top AI Development Partner 2020

Blue Orange Proud to be Named a Top AI Development Partner in New York by Clutch! Here at Blue Orange, we know it can be taxing and strenuous for any new business to balance high impact AI development while bouncing back from a weak financial quarter. That’s why we’re here to help! We’re a data science and… Continue reading Blue Orange named a Top AI Development Partner 2020

How can AI be harnessed to help us with Covid?

Can AI help spot infections before they become epidemics? AI-based solutions are being used to detect outbreaks of infectious diseases around the world. To illustrate, HealthMap and BlueDot are two platforms that were early reporters of the unusually high number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, at the end of December 2019. Such tools rely on advanced analytics and Natural… Continue reading How can AI be harnessed to help us with Covid?

Three Uses of Automation within Supply Chain 4.0

The increased availability of advanced technologies has revolutionized the traditional supply chain model. Supply Chain 4.0 responds to modern customer expectations by relying heavily on the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced robotics, big data analytics, and blockchain. These tools enable automation and thus give organizations a chance to close information gaps and optimally match supply… Continue reading Three Uses of Automation within Supply Chain 4.0