Improving PE Deal Sourcing with Automation Platform

A leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, managing over $20 billion, faced significant challenges with their existing deal sourcing platform. They engaged Blue Orange Digital to conduct an end-to-end data audit, aiming to evolve the platform into a scalable, unified sourcing tool equipped with consistent architecture and advanced data capabilities. The goal was to integrate data from four newly acquired CRM/ERP systems, each previously operating independently, which led to obscured visibility and coordination within the firm’s sales processes.

Enhancing IoT Dashboards & Data Analysis for Quext

Quext, a North American technology leader in smart home and security solutions for multifamily environments, sought to enhance its IoT analytics capabilities. Specializing in areas such as home automation, security, energy management, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Quext approached Blue Orange Digital (BOD) to refine their IoT analytics dashboard, improve an existing MVP dashboard, and test enhancements for their historical data warehouse.

Revolutionizing Data Management for an OKR Software Startup

A pioneering OKR software company, aiming to enhance employee engagement and project success, faced the challenge of expanding their platform to cater to large enterprise customers. Their goal was to not only re-architect their data platform but also to incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of continuous performance management.

Building Modern Analytics Pipelines for, a leader in the online travel industry, sought to enhance its data infrastructure to improve the management of its extensive data systems. The company partnered with Blue Orange Digital to develop a robust data pipeline, aiming to boost its data processing capabilities significantly.

Enhancing Financial Model Evaluations for Varde Partners

Varde Partners, a prominent global alternative investment adviser, faced challenges in streamlining the financial model evaluations conducted by their investment team.

Scalable Geo-Spatial Data Solutions for a Global Commercial Real Estate Services Firm

A global leader in commercial real estate services managing properties across multiple states faced significant challenges in integrating geospatial data into its decision-making processes. This firm approached Blue Orange Digital to develop a scalable solution that would enhance its property analysis capabilities.