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Josh Miramant

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May 23, 2022


Vetta Brands manages a portfolio of companies that innovate NCAA merchandise and provide partnership solutions in the imprinted apparel market. Being a leader in the US market, they possess NCAA licenses with more than 700 colleges and universities. Their strong business infrastructure allows them to manage major retail and whole distribution channels.


Having done a series of acquisitions, the company faced an unavoidable challenge: they needed to unify a variety of ERP data sources and build an end-to-end strategy for efficient data processing. They needed support integrating the data, training their employees, choosing and integrating the right BI and visualization tools. Strategic support and architectural expertise were required to seamlessly integrate all these components of their new data infrastructure.


Since the client needed to handle a variety of data sources (financial, operational, and sales), Blue Orange Digital developed a data architecture optimized for handling heterogeneous data sources. At the core of this architecture was the AWS data lake, a data storage solution that can store both structured and unstructured data. This meant that all of the available data became accessible from a unique location, further serving algorithms, and ETL pipelines.


Within weeks, the implemented architecture allowed the client to pursue data-driven decisions with easy-to-use Power BI dashboards and automated reporting processes. These tools could be used by employees at different management levels, without requiring any coding experience. On top of that, by taking into account the past experience of Vetta’s BI manager, the Blue Orange Digital team optimized and simplified thousands of reporting tables into key dashboards.

With the AWS data lake infrastructure in place, optimized at each of the data processing steps, the client can now focus on business-relevant applications and set data-driven goals. Advanced analytics is now easily available and state-of-the-art applications can be pursued. Demand forecasting, marketing, and sales optimization, supply chain optimization, and 3rd party integrations can all be developed on top of the existing infrastructure.

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